Why guys don’t buy jewellery for their girls…

I’ve been in the jewellery business a long time, and hear a lot of feedback about men from all the women I talk to… 
I have put together a list of excuses men offer as to why they won’t buy their women jewellery. This is what it boils down to….

Fifteen Reasons Why Men Don’t Buy Jewellery for Women

  1. “I have no idea what my girlfriend/fiancé/wife likes.”
    Dude! Talk to her… or talk to her best friend or talk to her hairdresser!
  2. “She never asks for jewellery.”
    See #1.
  3. “The last time I bought her something, she returned it in exchange for something else.”
    Do you always give up so easily? Keep trying!
  4. “Jewellery is too expensive.”
    Get your girl a silver necklace for fifty bucks. You don’t have to buy her the crown jewels.
  5. “She complained that it cost too much.”
    But secretly, she loved it. And you – for buying it for her. She’s wearing it isn’t she?
  6. “Jewellery is just another accessory.”
    Something that symbolizes your undying love for her is not just bling.
  7. “She buys her own jewellery. Why should I buy it?”
    Because she wants you to, Dummy! It’s a gift that say you are thinking of her. Girls like to be surprised.
    They dream about being given beautiful gifts and telling their friends it’s from you.
  8. “She buys her own clothes. So what’s the difference?”
    See #7
  9. “I always get her something for the home.”
    No matter what she says, the very last thing she wants for her anniversary is a kitchen appliance .
    Give your love something to treasure, to constantly remind her of your anniversary.
  10. “She has a bunch of jewellery she never wears. She doesn’t need another ring or pair of earrings.”
    First of all, most of it is probably out of date, broken, and can’t be worn.
    Secondly, a woman can never have too much jewellery. And again, see #7.
  11. “It simply never occurred to me to get her jewellery.”
    Well… now you know!
  12. “I bought her a wedding ring. I’m good, right?”
    Not even close, mate!
  13. “I know nothing about jewellery. How do I know I’m not getting ripped off?”
    Read reviews on the internet, ask co-workers, ask a couple of jewellery lovers, ask your wife! Ask me!
    Clients refer fiends and family to Diamond Studio all the time.
  14. “I have no idea where to buy jewellery. How do I know I can trust them?”
    See #13
  15. “Everybody gets jewellery. I want to do something different.”
    That’s fine. Do something different. I love doing different things! Take her to Hawaii or rafting down the Colorado. Ride bikes across Europe. In the middle of the trip, though…surprise her with a piece jewellery. Now she’ll always be reminded of that something different that you so thoughtfully dreamed up.

Girls, if your guy happens to fit into one or more of these categories (or one I haven’t mentioned), show him this page.

What You Can Do About it
(Guys you can stop reading now, this part is for the ladies)

Let him know you love him and he can actually buy jewellery for you. Hopefully, he’ll take the hint!
Surprisingly enough – guys are not psychic, talk to him!

Make it  easy for him. Make a jewellery wish list, keep it current and leave a copy with me. Then, you can tell him that Mark at Diamond Studio already knows what you want. Or insert the Diamond Studio’s name to the conversation…

What’s the main message here?

If he’s not giving you jewellery now, change what you’re doing. Stop waiting, stop hinting, just say what you really want. Make it happen.